Media Coverage – RIKERS – A Documentary Film
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Media Coverage

After being broadcast on PBS stations in May, 2017, RIKERS: AN AMERICAN JAIL is now streaming at Hundreds of organizations are now hosting screening events. If you would like to plan a group screening, request a free DVD by contacting Colby Kelly at

The film, originally titled RIKERS, premiered at the DOC NYC Film Festival in New York City and on Thirteen/WNET in November, 2016.

John Jay College

Bill Moyers Speech at Justice Trailblazer Award

Bill Moyers was selected as the 2018 Justice Media Trailblazer, an award given annually by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and The Crime Report to honor individuals in the media or media-related fields who have advanced national understanding on the 21st-century challenges of criminal justice.

The Crime Report

Justice Reform Subverted by Politics, says Bill Moyers

Political “ambition” and rhetoric have subverted efforts to reform America’s criminal justice system, Bill Moyers tells The Crime Report in this interview.


Lessons From Rikers Island

Ford Foundation President Darren Walker on how Rikers Island is a microcosm of everything wrong with America’s criminal justice system.


On Closing Rikers

Rafael Pi Roman interviews Bill Moyers, Judge J. Lippman and former detainee Cadeem Gibbs.


How We Treat Our Incarcerated

Brian Lehrer interviews Bill Moyers and Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy


Amy Goodman interviews RIKERS filmmaker Marc Levin

Voices from NYC’s Most Notorious Jail: Former Prisoners Speak Out About Abuse at Rikers Island